20 Feb 2012


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Like a playground full of children who have just consumed caffeinated beverages!
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- not specified -
<Aalto pluginVersion="66054" presetName="hiperactivmeltdown" scaleName="pelog_9" scaleDir="Gamelan" key_voices="2" seq_rate="0.867999911" seq_rate_p="2.81999969" seq_offset="4" seq_offset_p="7.00000048" seq_range="48" seq_quantize="1" seq_glide="0.199999988" seq_pw="71" seq_pulse_delay="2.5" seq_value0="0.098214291" seq_value1="0.68750006" seq_value2="0.098214291" seq_value4="0.419642866" seq_value5="0.133928582" seq_value6="0.919642925" seq_value8="0.205357149" seq_value9="0.616071463" seq_value10="0.098214291" seq_value11="0.955357194" seq_value13="0.31250003" seq_value14="0.151785731" seq_value15="0.473214298" seq_pulse0="1" seq_pulse1="1" seq_pulse4="1" seq_pulse5="1" seq_pulse6="1" seq_pulse8="1" seq_pulse9="1" seq_pulse10="1" seq_pulse11="1" seq_pulse14="1" seq_pulse15="1" lfo_freq="1.00000012" lfo_noise="0.459999979" lfo_level="0.399999976" lfo_freq_p="2.71999979" env1_attack="0.0159999989" env1_decay="0.99999994" env1_release="0.50000006" env1_trig_select="2" env2_repeat="5.22968721" env2_delay="0.428000033" env2_release="0.109999999" env2_trig_select="2" env2_xenv1="2" env2_repeat_p="-0.180000067" osc_noise="0.179999992" osc_ratio="3.00000024" osc_offset="-8.39999962" osc_index="8.30999947" osc_timbre="0.729999959" osc_pitch="880.000061" osc_waveshape="-0.449999988" osc_noise_p="0.779999971" osc_ratio_p="0.440000057" osc_index_p="6.15999937" osc_timbre_p="0.710000038" osc_waveshape_p="0.819999933" osc_mod_out="0.289999992" gate_decay="0" delay_input="0.629999995" delay_drive="0.719999969" delay_feedback="0.829999983" delay_freq="879.99939" delay_freq_p="2.92999983" filter_cutoff="159" filter_q="0.729999959" filter_mix="1" filter_cutoff_p="2.32999992" filter_mix_p="-0.160000026" output_reverb_p="0.110000014" patcher_input_1="000000000000100000000000000" patcher_input_6="000000000000001000000000000" patcher_input_8="000000000000100000000000000" patcher_input_9="000000000000000000000110000" patcher_input_10="010000010010000000000000000" patcher_input_11="000000000000000100000000000" patcher_input_12="100000000000000000000011000"/>


by Slugbait_1999 on Tue, 03/13/2012 - 17:26
Hello willum070, I am sorry to raise this, but please can you take a moment to amend your choice of word at the end of your description for 'hiperactivmeltdown'? I am sure you never intended any disrespect, but the term you use is highly offensive. It seems a shame to unwittingly taint the product of your talent and effort; I am sure an alternative isn't beyond reach. If your description is a quote, maybe an ellipsis would prove sufficient? Many Thanks, aj
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by willum070 on Tue, 03/13/2012 - 17:51
Actually I was quoting the lyrics to the song <a href="http://goo.gl/DCDYU" target="_blank">Spazz</a> by The Elastik Band. Great stuff from the 60s. Apologies for any offense caused by my use of the term.

by Slugbait_1999 on Tue, 03/13/2012 - 21:09
Hi, Thanks for your kind words; no apology necessary to me - clearly no offence was intended. I thought the description in question may have been a quote though I couldn't place it. I am grateful to you for adding the new description, thanks. To me, it's spot on, conjuring an hilarious image! I am overwhelmed as I explore PD by the skills shown in your patches & those of the other contributors here. They show Aalto in a fine light. May I offer thanks to you & the others for putting your patches in the Public Domain. Best Regards, aj